The Best Popcorn Recipe, Bar None

The Best Popcorn You Will Ever Make | roxie & lou
(Popcorn image (c) Bill Ebbeson.)

Weird fact about me: I’m kind of obsessed with popcorn.

Would I say it’s one of my favorite foods? Probably, once I found and tweaked this recipe. I’ve always liked it, but this recipe took it to a new level and swore me off of the standard microwave popcorn forever.

And the best thing? This recipe is so easy.


  • Unpopped popcorn kernels (amount depends on size of your paper bag)
  • 1 paper bag, any size from lunch bag to grocery bag
  • Olive oil or your favorite oil of choice
  • Kelp powder (available at your local health food store)


  1. Fill your paper bag with enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom. Try not to to put too much in there – you won’t believe how much it will expand.
  2. Coat it in olive oil. Be generous – having too much in there isn’t going to hurt anything.
  3. Close and fold over the top of your bag a few times – you want to make sure that the force of the popcorn popping doesn’t open your bag inside the microwave.
  4. Put your bag in the microwave and turn it on high for anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes, depending on your microwave. Listen to the kernels popping; if there’s more than a few seconds between pops, you’re probably done.
  5. Take it out – caution, it will be hot! – and dump into a bowl. (I tend to use a large mixing bowl, as you will need a little extra room for the next step.)
  6. Shake your olive oil over the popcorn and then shake the kelp powder over it. Kelp powder, which is from seaweed, doesn’t have that tangy taste of too much salt, so you can be generous with it. Then, shake the bowl enough for the popcorn to turn over – and repeat the olive oil & kelp powder treatment. Shake it once more and repeat one more time, for a total of three applications of oil and kelp powder. (This is usually enough for me, but if you like yours to be really coated, feel free to repeat a few more times.)

And you are DONE. Sometimes, I serve it with fruit and cheese and that’s what we have for dinner. Lots of times, it’s my lunch.

Either way? It’s delicious and the best popcorn I’ve ever had.