Upcoming Knitting Projects in the Queue

upcoming knitting projects in the queue | roxie & lou
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Slowly but surely, I’m using my Ravelry profile to organize my knitting.

No, I have still not uploaded the images of my yarn stash to my profile – yet – but I’m starting to use tags to figure out the patterns that I tend to favorite; I’m using the friends feature (feel free to add: roxieandlou) a little; and I’m starting to use the queue feature to keep track of all the projects that I want to make.

This winter, I made a few scarves for my brother, who lives in New York City – after this winter, he personally requested a scarf and a sweater. The scarf has been finished and sent up, but the sweater is on its way. (Or at least it will be, after a sweater hiatus, as my summer sweater has taken an incredibly long time.)

My husband has also requested a sweater. I have a Pinterest board with ideas for their sweaters, but if you have a killer men’s sweater pattern, I would LOVE to see it.

My mom has some cool knitted stuff on the way (for her birthday), but since she reads this blog, I am not going to spoil her present. (Sorry, Mom.)

I would like to make my brother’s girlfriend something that she would like, so I’m thinking the honeycomb cowl via Madeline Tosh in a really cool color (yet to be determined) or something similar.

As for me? I’ve recently finished Outlander and really loved one of the cowls that Claire wore, but the important thing is that it’s a short project.

And after the length of time that it’s taken me to do my sweater? A short project is right up my alley.

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