Solving Shoulder Pain While Knitting

Undertaking knitting a sweater is not a quick job. My summer sweater has been a WIP for about two months now – and while I knit on it every evening, I’m not the fastest knitter. (I knit English-style and at the moment, I’m not necessarily interested in switching to continental style, but I might have to.)

I’ve had to take a break recently, due to some pain in my right shoulder while knitting. Has anyone else struggled with this? Through internet sleuthing, I’ve tried a few different things to combat it:

  • Improved my posture (which I will admit, is terrible)
  • Placed a pillow on my lap to elevate my arms and knitting
  • Various and sundry shoulder stretches
  • Heating pad on my neck and shoulders

But nothing seems to be helping. Knitting community at-large, I’d love some help: any wise words on how to get rid of it?

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