the second time around.

the second knit around. | roxie & louA week ago, I was able to finish my second baby knit – Bonbon, part 2. This is for a very cool and chic baby girl with a very cool set of parents.

There’s so much you learn the second time you knit a pattern.

  • 1. Which side is right and which side is wrong. Personally, I don’t think it much matters for this pattern, but if you like those soothing diagonal chevron stitches as much as I do, there is a right and a wrong side.
  • 2. What yarn works and what yarn doesn’t. This time, I used an exclusively cotton yarn; it’s not as soft as the other yarn I used (Caron’s baby soft that I got on super sale), though it will hold up to baby vomit and the washing machine, which is my big concern when it comes to baby knits.
  • 3. How to improve your magic circle techniques. I can probably do magic circle in my sleep now. It makes me that much more excited to try to knit a pair of socks. (I can’t tell you what socks I will be making – as they will be a present for someone who reads this blog – but they are AWESOME.)

This is, of course, just for this particular pattern, but I do feel like you learn something new every time you knit a pattern again. Are there any patterns that you feel like you understood better the second time around?

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