the peril of all or nothing thinking.

The Peril of All or Nothing Thinking | roxie & louOh, all-or-nothing thinking, my old nemesis.

I fall into this trap more often than I’m willing to admit. (So, as I’m willing to admit that I do, you can just imagine how often this actually is.)

It’s easier to see the world in black and white, you know?

To label things right or wrong, only.

To not see things in shades of grey.

That maybe there’s a reason people are acting this way, or maybe you’re a little bit at fault, or maybe things could be a little more flexible.

That if it’s not great right away, it’s time to give up.

This has gotten better as I’ve gotten older and more patient with myself. It’s also gotten better as I’ve become kinder to myself.

But all or nothing thinking kills things. It kills creativity. It kills kindness. It kills commitment to an idea. I struggle even with this blog because of my all-or-nothing thinking.

But the great thing is? One day, all or nothing thinking changes – and you’ll see something in the shades of grey.

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